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Thanks for clicking on lunchboxweb.com, we hope that you can find a better way to increase the boring brown bag experience with us and our followers. Enjoy!

What is lunchboxweb.com about?

The idea of packing a lunch to take to the office has many viewpoints. Some are all in for the idea, others are like I’m not in grade school anymore and there is also the believers of I’m an adult I deserve something better than a soggy sandwich.

I admit I have had these thoughts as I sit in the break room over lunchtime, thanks to advancements in modern materials the ability to bring a better lunch is easier now than ever.

One day I was sitting in the break room watching a podcast and listening to the surrounding conversation, I thought boy people sure do talk a lot about lunches and have lots of questions about it.

“What is that you brought in?”

“That is a neat container, where did you get that from?”

As I sat there thinking about these questions, I thought why not build a lunchbox community where these same things can be shared with a larger group than just the local co-worker.

This is how the idea of lunchboxweb.com was created.

Create a better lunch experience!

At lunchboxweb.com we are looking to enhance your lunch break. Why not try to make that lunch hour time period better than the days of past. Who wants to eat soggy sandwiches, or be the co-worker who others make fun of for carrying that crumbled up brown paper sack to carry last night’s leftover.

We want to provide a reason to get excited about your lunch, find better options, and to make remove negative mindset of only having the one option for lunch.

Together we can share our ideas and best methods for carrying in lunch, share some great ideas to spice up that break time. Lunch doesn’t have to be stale and boring time period. Along the way together we can build the lunchbox community.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Scott Hopperdietzel, founder of lunchboxweb.com


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