Pack a Lunch – help support your New Year’s resolution!

It’s that time of year again, New Year's resolutions that we all make and break. We have seen the same resolutions come and go for ourselves, most common ones; lose weight, exercise more and save money. Here is a resolution that can help you with all three of those items, PACK A LUNCH TO WORK!  Oh, those words bring back flashes of carrying a brown bag to school and eating a mushed up PB&J sandwich with busted up chips and if…

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Pack lunch for work made easy – steps to building the habit

We all dread the idea of adding more complexity to our lives than what we already have. Why should we make our lunch hour decisions more complex than it needs to be? We are working adults though and don't want to just have a PB&J sandwich, with pudding cup thrown into a brown bag. Some days that is just easy though, right? We are grown up's though and want to appear that way, but we also don't want to make lunch…



Vs. Welcome! Thanks for clicking on, we hope that you can find a better way to increase the boring brown bag experience with us and our followers. Enjoy! What is about? The idea of packing a lunch to take to the office has many viewpoints. Some are all in for the idea, others are like I'm not in grade school anymore and there is also the believers of I'm an adult I deserve something better than a soggy sandwich.…


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